• Can I choose my own dates for a trip?

    Yes of course, you can book most of our trips on dates to suit you. Just send us a message detailing your plans, we'll answer with a proposal and a price for you. Then we'll create a bespoke booking for you.
  • I'm not that fit and worry that I'll be the weakest link. Help!

    We can advise you on the fitness level required for any trip you're interested in. Most of our trips are suitable for anyone of moderate fitness and if something is particularly challenging we say so in the description. Don't worry - on our walking trips we always go at a pace that's comfortable for everyone. Feel free to ask if you have any queries.
  • Is insurance included?

    Of course here at Mountain Freedom we hold insurance, but that doesn't cover you for your own travel or a personal accident. We'd recommend having your own travel and personal accident insurance and can advise you if you don't already have this in place.
  • What do I need to bring?

    Just the regular outdoor clothing that you'd use for going for a walk - a layered system with a waterproof outer layer is best. Also some decent outdoor footwear. Walking boots or rugged outdoor shoes are ideal. We supply any specialist equipment you may need. We'll send you a suggested kit list when you book. If you have any queries, just ask!
  • Are the guides qualified in first aid?

    Yes. All our staff are qualified outdoor guides, mountain leaders, climbing or mountaineering instructors. Additionally they are all qualified in outdoor and wilderness first aid, and carry medical kits.
  • I have some health issues. Can I still come?

    Hey, we all have health issues! All we ask is that you are upfront about them. When you book you'll be asked to complete a short medical declaration stating that any issues you might have won't be an unacceptable risk to yourself or others in the group. If you're in any doubt, have a chat with us, in confidence of course.
  • Do you do airport pickups and transfers?

    Yes, we can arrange transfers from airports/ rail stations etc. We also offer accommodation lists for transport hubs such as Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness and can arrange transfers from and to your accommodation there. Contact us for details and prices.
  • I'm by myself and want to join one of your groups

    Many of our trips have "open group" departures. Either use the calendar to find the trip you want or select it from the list of open group dates at the end of the trip description. You'll be taken to detailed information about that particular departure, with a booking form. If you've any questions, just get in touch.

Accomodation based trips

  • Is accommodation included in your prices?

    We don't include accommodation in our packages, other than on tent based ones. Instead we give you a list of recommended accommodation so you can choose something that suits your needs and budget. All the accommodation on our recommended lists is checked regularly and we work with these trusted providers often. If you're having difficulty in booking suitable accommodation, we're happy to help.
  • Is transport included?

    On our accommodation based trips we pick you up each morning and drop you off each evening. Our recommended accommodation providers are close together so it's easy to get together in the evenings for a meal, a drink, and to make plans for the following day's activity.
  • Are meals included?

    On all our tent based trips, yes, we provide meals and hot drinks. On other trips meals aren't included, but we usually get together in the evenings with the rest of the group for a meal and to discuss the following days activities. Our recommended accommodation providers usually provide breakfast, or catering facilities if you opt for hostel type accommodation. We always have snacks for packed lunches available - you'll just need to bring a water bottle. This way you can choose what you'd like to eat and be in control of what it costs you.
  • Do you check your recommended accomodation yourslelves?

    Yes, we try to carry out a formal insepection of all the accommodation we recommend. Even better though is the fact that we've been doing this for a long time and have placed hundreds of people in accommodation throughout the highlands. So you could say we have a huge team of people checking things on a regular basis! We know most of our accommodation providers personally and have built up good relations with them.
  • Do we have to use your specified accommodation?

    No, not at all. The reason why we don't offer accommodation included in our trips is so you can choose to suit your preference and budget. If you choose your own accommodation, it's best to talk to us in advance so we can advise as to it's location being appropriate for the trip. Also we can always tailor a bespoke trip to fit in with your plans.
  • Do I need to bring smart clothes for the evenings?

    On our "Open Group" we usually get together for a meal or a drink in the evenings. This is in a local pub or restaurant and is very informal, so there's no need to pack a dress and heels or a jacket and tie. If you want to though, feel free!

Tent based trips

  • Do I need my own sleeping bag and camping gear?

    No. We can provide you with everything you need for camping. You'll just need comfortable outdoor clothing and appropriate footwear. of course, if you have your own kit, feel free to use it. We send you a kit list when you book, and if there's any issue just get in touch and we can help out.
  • What do we eat on camping trips?

    On tent based trips all meals and hot drinks are provided. We're used to camp cooking and menu planning so know what's tasty, nutritious and lightweight. We can cater for any special diets if you let us know in advance, and often you can come and do the shopping with us, or tell us what you like and we'll try to get it! Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are not included.
  • I've never camped before. Help!

    Many of our tent based trips are specifically for first time or inexperienced campers. We use top quality equipment and we take care of things, such as putting up tents and cooking, for you - our guides are very experienced at living under canvas and will show you what's what. Even our longer and more challenging backpacking trips are great for inexperienced campers.
  • Do i need to carry a heavy backpack?

    No. Many of our trips are specifically designed so we don't carry heavy loads for long distances - on some of them we transport stuff by boat so there's almost no carrying to be done! On longer backpacking trips we often place stashes of food etc in advance so we don't need to carry too much. If you want to challenge yourself then you can always offer to carry the guide's backpack, they won't mind ;-)
  • Should I bring my swimming things?

    Absolutely! A lightweight pack towel too if you have one, don't worry if you don't - we do!
  • Will we be attacked by wild animals?

    Extremely unlikely. The most dangerous animal in Britain is, believe it or not, a cow. That's true !! The only bears are dressed in kilts and found in gift shops.
  • Will there be hot showers?

    To be honest, probably not - most of our camping trips go to remote wilderness areas with no facilities. As part of your camping equipment we supply you with wet wipes, a pack towel, and some antibacterial gel. We also carry a trowel or spade in the group so we can bury any human waste. There's often an opportunity to swim in rivers and in the sea - bring swimming things! it's best to bring your own small wash kit with you - toothbrush, travel wash, etc.
  • Will I have to share a tent with a stranger?

    We won't make you do so, but normally we do accommodate you in 2 or 3 person tents. We have some tents that are suitable for solo use, but you'd need to ask us in advance and a surcharge may be payable. Sharing has a few advantages - there is less to carry, and it's much warmer! We don't ask you to share with people you don't know of the opposite sex.

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