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Mountain Freedom » Letterewe and Fisherfield Backpacking trips

One of our favourite backpacking areas is the "Great Wilderness" of Letterewe and Fisherfield. There are lots of options for multiday routes from leisurely to very challenging in what is not only the most remote area in the whole of Britain, but one of the most beautiful too! This a selection from various trips over the past year or so.....

  1. Emma Wilch Reply

    Hi there, we are a group of women in our middle years and we are coming to Skye for a walking holiday in May 12-19th. We are all regular hikers/walkers and are pretty fit. We are often walking 5-6 hours in one session. We are looking for someone to guide us into some of the more inaccessible mountain areas of Skye (that we couldn’t necessarily access ourselves easily) but don’t want to necessarily climb but a bit of scrambling would be ok. I have had a quick look at the Cuillins and these look more climbing orientated but can you walk up to any points?

    If you could let me know if this is something you could help us with and suggest some routes that would be great. Thanks emma

    • Ian Reply

      Thanks for your enquiry Emma, I’ve replied to you by email.

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