Hiking in Skye

If you enjoy the great outdoors why not think about hiking in Skye?  Up here  in the North West of Scotland Skye is an uniquely interesting island with a huge diversity of geology, flora and fauna and natural beauty to experience and enjoy. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll whilst taking pictures, visiting the one of the more remote areas of the island to wild camp, or pushing yourself in the mountains to explore your own limits, hiking in Skye will have something to offer you.

If you are the sort of person who is interested in the history of a place, again Skye has lots to offer and our guides can help you learn about our fascinating island home.  Hiking in Skye with one of our guides will bring the history of the island to you, so you can truly feel a part of the place and its past as well as it’s present.   You can learn about the island from  it’s volcanic origins  as a tropical island and the way it’s history has shaped the present landscape.  Our guides will help you picture life on Skye by telling you about how people have lived, worked and died on the island.  You may even be lucky and find one of the many fossils that can be picked up whilst hiking in Skye.

Wildlife making their homes on and around Skye are many, from the sea eagles and golden eagles soaring high above you, to the seals, dolphins, porpoises, basking shark, minke whales and even orca that can be seen in the oceans surrounding us.  Sea otters are scattered around the more than 360 miles of coastline, red deer are often sighted and if you are lucky you may even spot a pine marten, especially if you have strawberry jam sandwiches on offer!

Whilst hiking in Skye you will also encounter much of our varied plant life.  Depending on the time of year, you could find wild orchids in abundance and colours of white, pink and purple.  There are also carnivorous plants that feed on the local midges as well as those that help to protect you from their bite.  Our guides can inform you of the usage of the local plants again bringing you closer to how people lived here many years ago.  In truth we can organise a hiking trip exactly to suit you, whatever your passion is.


If you decide to come hiking in Skye you could choose to scale the Cuillin mountains without having to worry about your safety.  Our guides are all qualified and experienced which will enable you to get the maximum enjoyment out of your trip.

However you don’t have to be super fit or scale the biggest mountains in the area if that is not your desire.  As we have said hiking in Skye trips can be tailored to your needs whether you choose to come in a private/family group, or you choose to join  with one of our groups of like minded people, we can help.  You will not be disappointed with what you discover.

The sun shines on Skye more than you may think.  Yes, it does rain and it can be windy, however even on those days with the right gear it is still fun to get out and about.  The light is always changing, the cloud formations are inspiring and the rainbows are so vivid here with colours so vibrant it is worth getting wet just to see them.  There are lots of routes to choose from when hiking in Skye so the itinerary can be adapted and changed if needed to enable you to have the best time possible in the safest way possible.

The island itself varies hugely from one end to the other in appearance as well as what grows and lives there.  She south end of Skye is lush and green with lots of trees.  Where as the North of the island is more open with much fewer trees growing naturally.  Centrally you have the rugged Cuillin mountains – very rocky terrain which can be extremely challenging for those who choose to explore them.

Hiking in Skye can give you a wealth of differing experiences across all the diferent areas of the island, just let us know what you want and we can organise it for you.  By joining one of our trips and hiking in Skye, you can be stimulated both mentally and physically whilst leaving all the organisation to us.  At the end of each fulfilling day we can help you find some of the best food to be had on the island to enjoy your well earned evening meal in good company, with time to reflect on your day and plan the adventure for tomorrow.


If choosing to hike into one of the more remote areas of Skye, you could spend the night under canvas and catch one of our beautiful sunsets or sunrises.  If you are lucky you may even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis.

So if you enjoy anything from a gentle stroll whilst taking photos, to a challenging hike across the top of the Cuillin mountains, we have something just right to offer you.  Contact us to discover the all round experience hiking in Skye can give – whether with family, friends or joining one of our sociable groups we can guarantee you the trip of a lifetime.

Remember you don’t kneed to be super fit.  Hiking in Skye has something for everyone and we can tailor a trip to your needs so that you get maximum pleasure out of each and every day!

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